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Table 4 Presumptive diagnoses of SAE cases reported to have occurred following ivermectin mass treatment from 1989 to 2001*

From: Serious adverse events following treatment with ivermectin for onchocerciasis control: a review of reported cases

Presumptive Diagnosis† No. of cases within diagnostic category (% of total no. of cases)
Neurologic impairment 110 (53.1)
Mild Mazzotti reaction 43 (20.8)
Other or insufficient information to assign presumptive diagnosis 22 (10.6)
Severe Mazzotti reaction 17 (8.2)
Functional impairment with normal mental status 6 (2.9)
Gastrointestinal illness 5 (2.4)
Anaphylactic reaction 3 (1.5)
Respiratory illness (except asthma attack in a known asthmatic which falls into the category of Severe Mazzotti reaction) 1 (0.5)
Cardiovascular illness (except hypotension which falls into the category of Severe Mazzotti reaction 0 (0)
Total 207 (100)
  1. *cases reported as of August 31, 2002; †see Table 3 for definitions of presumptive diagnoses.