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Table 1 Estimated mean disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost on a per-capita basis as a result of onchocercal blindness, skin disease, and L. loa encephalopathy, under conditions of: 1) no mass treatment with Mectizan®; 2) mass treatment with no risk reduction strategy; and 3) mass treatment using REA, RAPLOA-40, RAPLOA-20, or combined REA/RAPLOA-40 to reduce risk of L. loa encephalopathy. DALYs are expressed as mean years lost per person for the entire population. Four scenarios are considered based on high and low prevalence of loiasis and onchocerciasis, respectively (as defined in the Appendix - see additional file 1).

From: A Framework for Decision-Making for Mass Distribution of Mectizan® in Areas Endemic for Loa loa

Loiasis Prevalence High High Low Low
Onchocerciasis Prevalence High Low High Low
No Mectizan® treatment 1.5155 0.8822 1.5155 0.8822
Mectizan® treatment     
   No risk reduction strategy 0.5319 0.3102 0.5309 0.3092
   REA 0.5393 0.3436 0.5391 0.3436
   RAPLOA-40 0.5307 0.3090 0.5305 0.3088
   RAPLOA-20 0.5305 0.3088 0.5305 0.3088
   REA/RAPLOA-40 0.5341 0.3228 0.5313 0.3124