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Figure 3

From: Diethylcarbamazine activity against Brugia malayimicrofilariae is dependent on inducible nitric-oxide synthase and the cyclooxygenase pathway

Figure 3

DEC is ineffective against B. malayi microfilariae in the absence of iNOS. Efficacy of (a) a single, oral dose of DEC (100 mg/kg) or (b) a single, i.p. dose of ivermectin phosphate (1 mg/kg) in 129/SV and iNOS-/- mice infected with B. malayi microfilariae. Black symbols represent 129/SV mice, white symbols iNOS-/-. Squares indicate DEC administration, triangles ivermectin administration and circles untreated controls. Symbols represent mean results from at least three or four mice, except in the case of those treated with ivermectin (two animals) from two combined experiments which were representative of a further repeat. Significantly different microfilaraemias between 129/SV and iNOS-/- mice after DEC administration are denoted by * (P = 0.001) or ** (P = 0.000).

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