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Figure 4

From: Diethylcarbamazine activity against Brugia malayimicrofilariae is dependent on inducible nitric-oxide synthase and the cyclooxygenase pathway

Figure 4

Western blot detection of COX-1 protein from peritoneal exudate cells. COX-1 protein was detected in 129/SV and iNOS-/- peritoneal exudate cells thirty minutes after i.p. injection of endotoxin-free water (control) or DEC (10 mg/kg). Proteins (10 μg) were separated on a 7.5% denaturing SDS polyacrylamide gel, transferred to PVDF membrane, incubated with rabbit anti-mouse COX-1, then goat anti-rabbit IgG-horse radish peroxidase conjugate and detected by chemiluminescence.

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