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Table 1 Simplified dosing regimen used for mass drug administration of DEC (100 mg tablets) and albendazole (400 mg tablets) to control lymphatic filariasis on Alor island, Indonesia, compared to the average body weight (2002, standard deviation, SD).

From: Impact of two rounds of mass drug administration using diethylcarbamazine combined with albendazole on the prevalence of Brugia timoriand of intestinal helminths on Alor Island, Indonesia

Age DEC Albendazole Mean body weight in kg (SD)
2–6 years, pre-school 1 tablet 1 tablet 14.4 (6.4)
7–12 years, primary school 2 tablets 1 tablet 23.6 (5.2)
13 years and older, high school and adults 3 tablets 1 tablet 45.7 (9.1)