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Table 2 Total number of parous and examined Simulium ochraceum s.l., the percentage of parous flies, the number of infected flies, and the prevalence of infection (with any Onchocerca volvulus larval stage) per 1,000 parous flies at localities I (including the villages of Las Golondrinas, Rosario Zacatonal, and finca Palestina), and II (including the village of Nueva América, and fincas Victoria, Fortuna, and Santa Fé) in the Southern Chiapas focus, Mexico

From: Contribution of migrant coffee labourers infected with Onchocerca volvulusto the maintenance of the microfilarial reservoir in an ivermectin-treated area of Mexico

Locality N° of flies parous/examined (% parous) No of infected flies with any larval stage No of infected per 1,000 parous flies (95% CI)
Locality I 26,068/35,336 (73.8) 20 0.8 (0.5–1.2)
Locality II 13,284/19,486 (68.2) 30 2.3 (1.5–3.2)